Speed boats and motor yachts for rent

In this section you will find models of speed boats and motor yachts that we have in Ibiza for rent, please don´t hesitate to contact us by different means there are throughout the web to ask us questions and special requests, we are committed to provide you the highest quality of service, your query does not bother us at all. Enjoy renting a boat in Ibiza, and sail the crystal waters of this magical island.

Cranchi Mediterranee 50for hire in Ibiza

Cranchi Mediterranee 50

  • Capacity:12 pax./guests
  • Length:15,5 m
  • Beam:4,30 m
  • Cabins:3 Double
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Price:from from 1650 €/day
  • Consult:Check price and Availability
Detail Cranchi Mediterranee 50

Princess V55 Power Boatfor hire in Ibiza

Princess V55 Power Boat

Detail Princess V55 Power Boat

Sunseeker 55 Power boatfor hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker 55 Power boat

Detail Sunseeker 55 Power boat

Ferreti 53 Power boatfor hire in Ibiza

Ferreti 53 Power boat

Detail Ferreti 53 Power boat

Astondoa 53 openfor hire in Ibiza

Astondoa 53 open

Detail Astondoa 53 open

Sessa Marine c52for hire in Ibiza

Sessa Marine c52

Detail Sessa Marine c52

Riva 52 Rivalefor hire in Ibiza

Riva 52 Rivale

  • Capacity:12 pax
  • Length:16 m
  • Beam:4,57 m
  • Cabins:2 Double + 2 single beds
  • Bathrooms:2
  • Price:from 2600 €/day
  • Consult:Check price and Availability
Detail Riva 52 Rivale

Sunseeker Camargue 50for hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker Camargue 50

  • Capacity:9 pax + skipper
  • Length:16,00 m
  • Beam:4,40 m
  • Cabins:2 Double + Saloon
  • Bathrooms:2
  • Price:from 1700 €/day
  • Consult:Check price and Availability
Detail Sunseeker Camargue 50

Prestige 500 Sfor hire in Ibiza

Prestige 500 S

Detail Prestige 500 S

Sunseeker S 48for hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker S 48

Detail Sunseeker S 48

Ferretti 460for hire in Ibiza

Ferretti 460

Detail Ferretti 460

Sunseeker 47for hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker 47

Detail Sunseeker 47

Astondoa 46for hire in Ibiza

Astondoa 46

Detail Astondoa 46

Cranchi Endurance 41for hire in Ibiza

Cranchi Endurance 41

Detail Cranchi Endurance 41

Sunseeker T 41for hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker T 41

Detail Sunseeker T 41

Absolute 45for hire in Ibiza

Absolute 45

Detail Absolute 45

Cherokee 45for hire in Ibiza

Cherokee 45

Detail Cherokee 45

Sunseeker S 43for hire in Ibiza

Sunseeker S 43

Detail Sunseeker S 43

Vandutchfor hire in Ibiza


Detail Vandutch

Vandutch 40 Redfor hire in Ibiza

Vandutch 40 Red

Detail Vandutch 40 Red

Magnum 38for hire in Ibiza

Magnum 38

Detail Magnum 38

Astondoa 40 Openfor hire in Ibiza

Astondoa 40 Open

  • Capacity:9 pax + skipper
  • Length:12 m
  • Beam:3,6 m
  • Cabins:1 double + 1 Twin
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Price:from 800 €/day
  • Consult:Check price and Availability
Detail Astondoa 40 Open

Sea Ray 295 Sunsportfor hire in Ibiza

Sea Ray 295 Sunsport

Detail Sea Ray 295 Sunsport

Sessa Key Largo 28for hire in Ibiza

Sessa Key Largo 28

Detail Sessa Key Largo 28